...sometimes identified as the realm of justice. In the Hebrew Testament, Isaiah offers a grand vision in which G_d is actually glorified by crooked paths being made straight, mountains being laid low and valleys filled in (40.3-5). In case there is doubt about the metaphor, the prophet even personifies such activity when he proclaims a time for the habitations of the proud to be razed and then trampled by those who are oppressed, the needy and poor; and he prophesies the new creation of a straight and level path of justice (26.5-7).

Justice-making, it seems, is a less-than-passive excavation beneath the existential polarities dividing different groups, classes, and individuals.

Some who experience such justice will likely do so with great fear, while others will rejoice. Some will drink up such practice like a cool drink in a hot desert. Others will experience it as a flood washing away the fertile land upon which they thrive.

So, how do we ensure such work finds rootedness in a deeply spiritual reality where grace is possible and all can experience true-justice as a healing salve? How do we keep the oppressed and the oppressors from merely exchanging places?

Perhaps, the mystic, Frederick Buechner, provides a key to unlock the door of justice for all. His is the notion that G_d’s true Shalom is not ultimately found in some cosmic absence of struggle, but always and only in a presence of love (Wishful Thinking, p. 69).

May you consider the links on this page as keys for unlocking some of the flood gates through which living waters of justice might flow into this world in a way that all might find new life, new hope, and transformative possibility.

a voice for the animals (sof)

child advocacy

child protection

coffee project equal exchange

conflict resolution to conflict transformation

conscientious objector

creating a file of consciousness

death penalty reflections (sof)

devotional series from the justice table

disciples peace fellowship

eco-care by congregations (green chalice)

eco-justice links and resources (sof)

eco-justice ministries

eco-justice working group (ncc)

empathy video: standing in another’s shoes

ethics of eating (sof)

ethics of the fathers (jewish values)

feast of st. francis

        (also: blessing for animals liturgy)

financial justice app (buycott)

food: alliance for fair food

gay & lesbian: what do I do now? When a child comes out?

gender and sexual identity inclusivity (glad alliance)

HIV / AIDS resources

human trafficking

i am for peace -- song download

indigenous north america:

    - about doctrine of discovery

    - reimagining sitting bull

just church

just living farm

justice initiative (disciples of christ)

justice primer

justice through mission center opportunities

moral injury; beyond ptsd

new community project

new monastics (sof)

normandy rememberance: the fallen 9000

paying attention to other voices (sof)

peace-making page (well-fed spirit)

peace-sunday resources:

    – reflection

    – liturgical resources (english & spanish)

preaching G_d’s transforming justice (3-vol.)

pro-reconciliation / anti-racism (dhm)

rapid response

refugee and immigration ministries

revenge and forgiveness (sof)

single candle (david wilcox song)

soul repair center for moral injury recovery

torture: the long shadow (sof)

truth and reconciliation (sof)

why was jesus so threatening?

women’s action web

women’s social / justice opportunities

The making of a level playing field is ...

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