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... within the whole of any community is always far greater than any one person or smaller group that is a part of that community. In this truth, Well-Fed Spirit asks for you to share your wisdom. Let us know if you’ve got additional ideas for this Website; including other Web links, articles, subject matter, bibliographic resources or more.

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In order to take your participation in this site a step further, we’ve also created the opportunity for you to participate in a new Well-Fed Spirit cooperative blog. You can do this once, on a regular basis, or just come and see what others have to say.

The Well-Fed Spirit “co-op” blog is a place to offer your own personal stories of spiritual practice, transformation and wellness. We are especially looking for pragmatic wisdom related to spiritual activity and healthy living -- what you are doing that makes a positive difference in your life and leadership? How does such practice help with particular challenges you face?  Do you have a particular and creative spiritual practice that you think others would find beneficial? Do you have questions, wonderings or other thoughts regarding spiritual practice and wellness to which you’d like others to respond? The Well-Fed Spirit co-op blog is a place to share and learn from each other.

We do ask that your responses be offered concisely, respectfully and in a positive format, with the knowledge that this is a public forum for a diverse and deeply committed Christian faith community centered around the broadly inclusive Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). With each submission, please include:

  1. 1.your name,

  2. and state where you live,

  3. 3.the local church community in which you are active

  4. 4.any leadership positions you hold in your local church community (paid or volunteer)

  5. 5.whether, or not, you would like your e-mail address included in your posted submission.

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Each submission will be reviewed first, and possibly edited to facilitate inclusion on this site.

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